Westside Fence Company

Privacy Slats/Wind Screen/Netting

City of Gretna 1Privacy Slats:

Whether you are seeking privacy, protection from wind, or just trying to beautify your fence, Westside Fence offers PVC or aluminum slats for installation into an existing fence and Privacylink, a chain link fabric with the PVC stats preinstalled.
PVC slats for existing fencing are available in varying degrees of privacy.  Aluminum slats are sized according to your chain link’s gauge. Privacylink will provide you with the utmost privacy available.
If it is a new construction project, the cost of chain link fabric, slats, plus figuring a realistic a labor cost, make the Privacylink product the best value.

tulane 1Wind Screen:

Wind Screen products are perfect for golf courses, baseball fields, tennis courts,  personal privacy or protection.  These wind screen panels are available in all lengths for 6’ & 8’ standard heights.  This quality polypropylene product is available in two colors: dark green and black.


This netting is designed for athletic and commercial applications.  It is used on golf driving ranges in area where there are only glancing impacts and on baseball fields to prevent light to moderate protection from foul balls.  In commercial applications, the netting will protect crops, animals, and fish from birds of prey.